France, China, and Sweden unveil Overwatch World Cup shortlists

There's some Overwatch League talent on show, and these teams will be whittled down to a select few as time goes by.

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As the Overwatch World Cup creeps ever closer once again, we have news of several countries putting together a shortlist for their roster, including Sweden, who took to Twitter to reveal the shortlist of 12 players, which will soon be whittled down to just seven.

This sees Snillo, Rat, Erki, and Danned at DPS, with Lullsish, Slinki, Ellivote, and Nevis in the Tank role. As for Support, we have Gustav, Luddee, Bock1, and Epzz, so there's plenty of talent in here already.

China has also revealed their shortlist as well, featuring Guxue, Ameng, Lateyoung, Elsa, Yveltal, Leave, Krystal, Eileen, Jinmu, Kyo, Garry, Coldest, Farway, and Secret, some of which you may recognise from the Overwatch League (as is the case with many of these rosters).

France joined these two in revealing their shortlist as well, including SoOn, HyP, aKm, Poko, Chubz, Tek36, Leaf, Khegasi, Asking, Hqrdest, Tsuna, and FDGod.

Which roster is looking strongest so far?

Photo: Blizzard

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