French hospital gets 4 previously-stolen PS4s

The police donated the consoles to the Centre hospitalier Sud francilien de Corbeil-Essonnes for children to enjoy.

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Christmas can very often be a tough time for those in sickness, especially those in hospital and especially children, and when the original owners for four stolen PlayStation 4 consoles couldn't be found in France recently, a marvelous gesture was made.

Instead of destroying the goods as per usual, the gendarmes at the Corbeil-Essonnes commune (very close to Paris) decided they might as well donate the four machines they had recovered to the local Children's Hospital.

As reported by French newspaper Le Parisien, the four consoles were still boxed (the recovered goods included 4,000 Euros in cash as well) and will now be used by kids as an escape from therapy. Thierry Schmidt, CHSF director, thanked the policemen's gesture, as those children "would all prefer to be elsewhere", and it means even more as the hospital doesn't have the budget for many toys.

It looks like some of the resident children will at least have a more forgiving Christmas, and we wish them all the best.

French hospital gets 4 previously-stolen PS4s
© Le Parisien

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