Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments shows off new trailer for Planet Zoo

The new simulation game is coming November 5, 2019, and we got a better look at it last night.

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Planet Zoo is the next in a long line of simulation games by the experts over at Frontier Developments. Not only has the team developed the very successful Elite Dangerous, but also a number of animal-centric management games over the years, including Jurassic World Evolution more recently.

This new title looks to merge the systems from Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, to form the ultimate zoo managing experience. Build habitats to help your precious animals survive, care for all things about zoo life, and develop your dream animal sanctuary where we're told the welfare of the animals will be at the forefront of the experience.

The trailer shows off all the usual suspects on the animal front; bears, hippos, wolves, elephants, monkeys, zebras, giraffes - you name it, it's probably in there. Not much else was shown aside from the vast array of animals on offer, so hopefully, the team at Frontier Developments show us more of the nitty-gritty before the game's November release date.

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