FUT disconnect glitch draws FUT Champions into question

It seems players can avoid registering a loss.

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Since esports is such a new thing, controversy regularly pops up all around it, and now a new situation has emerged where FIFA pros have been accused of cheating using a glitch in Ultimate Team that doesn't register losses, according to a recent report.

Some of the top FIFA players have been accused of exploiting this to avoid getting a loss, and you can see just how easy it is to do here, as all it requires is you to disconnect via a phone connected to your console, or perhaps even turning your console off mid-match. What's more is that FIFA pro Lenny21LFC recorded his own video which shows fellow pro Krasimir Ivanov disconnect from a game, while retaining his existing record of wins and losses (this wasn't the first time he's disconnected either, as he was recorded doing the same against Benedikt 'SaLz0r' Saltzer).

Ivanov has responded on Twitter to accusations made against him, as has Ovidiu Patrascu, but what's interesting about Ivanov's tweet is he says that "over 95%" of pros avoid facing one another on purpose, and that he does that too so he can face lower ability players.

As expected, with these allegations fans have called for EA to address the FUT Champions mode, including this glitch, and some have even called for the Weekend League to be cancelled until this is sorted. Have you encountered this glitch before?


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