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Rainbow Six: Siege

Future Rainbow Six: Siege operators could be guest characters

In a recent interview, Rainbow Six: Siege devs teased characters from other Ubisoft games potentially joining the team-based shooter as operators in the future.

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Ubisoft's team-based tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege is consistently being updated with new content and new operators that change the game in major ways and that's been the case since the game first launched back in 2015. While new operators are good fun, Ubisoft also has quite the established roster of characters across a vast variety of franchises and in a recent interview with Dualshockers, Rainbow Six: Siege game designer Jean-Baptiste Halle teased potential guest characters joining the Rainbow Six: Siege roster in the future after being asked which Ubisoft character he'd bring into the game;

"Ah, that is a very interesting question. I think I have to pass on this one because you're hitting an interesting question. Honestly, a lot of them," and added; "A lot of them, I think, could be interesting additions. There is a lot of characters in Ubisoft's portfolio that could make very interesting additions in our roster. Just keep an eye on the next Operator additions this year and you might get some interesting new people coming into the roster. That's all I can say so far."

Would you like to see Sam Fisher in Rainbow Six: Siege?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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