Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

G2 Esports to start streaming on Facebook

It's part of a multi-platform distribution plan.

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G2 Esports have announced that their players will be hosting Facebook streaming as of February 1, and this comes as part of a multi-platform distribution strategy for live esports gameplay.

The aim of this strategy is to help grow their audience globally as well as allowing for more sponsorship opportunities and better engagement with the brand.

"G2 is proud to be a leader in the rapidly evolving livestreaming ecosystem," the announcement reads. "Building on the competitive success of its teams, including the current League of Legends EU LCS champions and the two-time Hearthstone Team of the Year, the club is always looking for innovative ways to help fans engage with the club's stars. Adding Facebook to G2's broader media strategy is a logical step for delivering exciting live content, including gameplay broadcasts across multiple titles, behind-the-scenes footage from events, and a wide range of VOD content."

"One of G2's biggest goals is to share our love of this industry with all fans by making our content as accessible as we can, while also helping lesser-known streamers looking to make a name for themselves," G2 founder and CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodríguez Santiago added. "We pride ourselves on innovation, and by leaning into Facebook as an audience platform, we see a world of new opportunities beyond what the current streaming ecosystem offers."

The streams will appear on the news feed, a new video tab, and on Gameroom, and you can visit the team's Facebook here. Do you think more teams would benefit from branching out and doing streams on Facebook?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: G2 Esports

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