Galactic Civilizations III

GalCiv 3 gets new Map Pack DLC and a chunky update

New difficulty levels, plus new maps and editing features.

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Sci-fi 4X Galactic Civilizations III has been updated with Patch 1.10, and it includes a selection of refinements as well as adding two new difficulty levels, new multiplayer features, and additional Steam Workshop support. You can read about all the new features, fixes and tweaks here.

On top of that, the Map Pack DLC adds eight new maps to the strategy game, and they come in a range of sizes that cater for everything ranging from 1v1 matches through to huge 18-player areas, plus you can also make your own. The DLC is out now and costs £3.99 / €4.99 / $4.99.

Galactic Civilizations III

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