Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gambler wins $12,500 US dollars betting on Eleague season two

He made a 500/1 bet and managed to win.

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The Eleague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament concluded last weekend, and OpTic Gaming weren't the only team to take away a nice sum from from the matches. One OpTic fan had faith in the team's ability, and made a ludicrous bet that would end up paying off quite well.

The betting website known as Betway gave OpTic a 500/1 chance of winning the tournament, as the team had to beat out 15 other top-level teams and take down the former giant Fnatic in group play. OpTic proved all the doubters wrong, taking home the grand prize of $400,000 US dollars, leaving one lucky fan who had faith in the team netting himself just over £10,000, or $12,500.

The win was so surprising to the website that they came out with a statement: "Through all the years of having a dedicated esports trading team we thought we had seen it all, but this 500/1 shot has left us with egg on our faces," they said. "We're only too happy to pay out on what is our largest priced single esports winner in our history, although I can confidently say we won't be underestimating OpTic Gaming at the next event."

Have you profited off of esports betting yet? Would you have bet on OpTic?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: OpTic Gaming

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