Tavern Keeper

Game Dev Tycoon developer announces Tavern Keeper

A fantasy tavern simulator from Green Heart Games.

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Green Heart Games, whom you may know as the creators of the ever-popular Game Dev Tycoon, have announced their second game after two years of development. Tavern Keeper is a simulator in the same vein as Game Dev Tycoon, but this time, you're running a fantasy tavern that will get visitors of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

In Tavern Keeper, you build, barter, cook, and clean your way through a fantasy world a la Dungeons and Dragons. Like with Game Dev Tycoon, you'll begin with just a shell in the backwaters, and over time you can expand as you see fit depending on your success.

The game has been in development since early 2014, two years after Game Dev Tycoon was fully released, and Green Heart Games seem passionate about making the project come to life. There are no Kickstarter or Steam Early Access campaigns planned, but we'll be seeing screenshots and art come out about the game in the future, but don't expect it to be in a playable state anytime soon - they are hoping to release a beta by early 2018.

Do you have high hopes for Tavern Keeper?

Tavern Keeper
Tavern KeeperTavern KeeperTavern Keeper
Tavern Keeper

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