GameCube secretly allows for HDMI support

Nintendo left some pure, never-used digital video output love in the original hardware, and that's the backdoor for modern adapters.

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Remember when you wanted to output your beautiful GameCube games in crystal-clear 480p to your PC monitor? Remember when you imported an official component cable from Japan only to find out not many PAL games were compatible? (Yes, this happened to us). Well, now you can sell that very rare piece of cable for some big money and go for one of the several HDMI adapters which are releasing 17 years later, for a much better and completely native result.

As comprehensively explained and reminded by Digital Foundry, way before the PS3 and also the Wii itself - which many users criticised for not having HDMI output even though it was sub-HD - the GameCube was the very first console to implement digital video output, as Nintendo considered there might come a time when it could be used.

The aforementioned component cable solution had to convert the signal via DAC, but an open-source project has now reverse-engineered the conversion to get the direct digital output, which would then be the best way to play GameCube legacy games, since all this was removed on the Wii despite using basically the same hardware.

The solution isn't very cheap, but opens a new alternative for retro gaming enthusiasts. Do you still have your tiny cube around?

GameCube secretly allows for HDMI support

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