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Life is Feudal: MMO
  • on the 24th of July 2017
  • 9 Articles

Political System

Political System

No preset factions or alliances. Players are free to wage their own wars and build their own alliances as free as they want. There are no classic alliances though, but a vassal - Lord guild to guild relations. Guilds can issue battle challenges to fight for the territory or elimination. In the world where everything can be taken or destroyed price of failure or success are huge and that makes players to devote all their real life time to the game in order to succeed both in diplomacy and in battles.

Territory Wars

Every guild of 10+ players can erect a monument on any part of the map, that is not yet claimed by another guild. Monument will claim a big amount of land around it. Further upgrades of the monument will increase the claimed land radius. Two neighboring monuments will decrease each other claimed land amount. Guilds can issue battle challenges and lost guild will have their monument damaged or degraded. Once monument been degraded to the Lvl 1, castle around that monument can be sieged and destroyed. Both sides can use trebuchets, deployable pavise shields, carriable sapper charges, tunneling under the walls, siege tents, pallisade walls and other equipment during the siege. Siege ladders, battering rams and burning oil are planned to be released in the first months of the open beta tests.