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Assassin's Creed
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- Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman

- Philip Shahbaz as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

- Nolan North as Desmond Miles, Abbas Sofian

- Philip Proctor as Warren Vidic

- Peter Renaday as Al Mualim

- Haaz Sleiman as Malik Al-Sayf

- Alain Benatar as Jabal- Carlos Ferro as Damascus Bureau Leader

- Jean-Philippe Dandenaud as Robert de Sable

- Ammar Daraiseh as Tamir

- Hubert Fielden as Garnier de Naplouse

- Jake Eberle as Talal

- Harry Standjofski as William of Montferrat

- Fred Tatasciore as Jubair al Hakim, Abu'l Nuqoud

- Richard Cansino as Majd Addin

- Arthur Holden as Sibrand

- Eleanor Noble as Maria Thorpe

- Marcel Jeannin as Richard I

- Jennifer Seguin as Animus


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