Ring Fit Adventure

Gamereactor's Ring Fit Adventure review isn't ready and here's why

We've been playing the game, but there's a key reason why we haven't got our review just yet.

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Nintendo games reach a wider gaming population, unattainable for most gaming studios. Many people find the appeal of training their minds, improve their painting skills, or building interactive cardboard toys by playing. At Nintendo, they know what is needed: easy-to-learn mechanics, appealing visuals, and charismatics IPs. The last shot in the dark is a fitness RPG called Ring Fit Adventure, releasing this Friday, November 19, for Nintendo Switch.

We have been playing, practicing, working out, or whatever you want to call it for a few days now. At the time of writing this lines, we are free to let our review surf the net, but we're afraid that's not what we're going to be doing, as can't satisfy your thirst for knowledge right now.

And the reason is simple: Ring Fit Adventure's main game mode was designed to keep you busy for about four months. In other games, we play day and night to hit the embargo, but in this case it is physically impossible. No more squats, please. Plus, it also features funny mini-games, workout routines, and sport challenges.

We will go on with our plan and work hard for a couple of weeks more to deliver the best, most truthful review of Ring Fit Adventure you can have. In the meantime, enjoy this gameplay video with our editor Sergio to get the grasps of exploration and combat.


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