Gamereactor's Spectacular Spider-Man Tips and Tricks

It ain't easy saving Manhattan, but these pointers might give you some help.

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We know that many of you already have taken your first swing in Spider-Man, which means that you may have already realised that with great power comes great responsibility. This includes stopping crimes and fighting goons, and in fact we've learned a lot since we landed our very first punch. Some of the tricks we've discovered would have been great to have from the get-go, so why not share our tips and tricks with you spiderlings?


Skill trees are your friend

You have three skills trees in Spider-Man, each of which is dedicated to different aspects of the game. We found the Innovator tree most helpful in terms of combat, as it unlocks some great abilities that make fighting a lot easier, and the Defender tree isn't too shabby either, as it makes dodging attacks far more effective and even allows you to take down those annoying shooters with ease after dodging their shots. Spending a few points in the Innovator to start with and then working your way down Defender will make you a force to be reckoned with, no matter the difficulty.

Get some air

Holding down the square button will make you uppercut the enemy, sending them flying into the air, and that's where you can really shine. This isn't a realistic game, so you have a bit of time to continue bashing the square button after lobbing them skywards, which launches an aerial beatdown. Doing this doesn't just generate more Focus - the stuff that can be used to perform finishers and heal - but it also makes it impossible for enemies without firearms to hit you. Use this time to finish your target off, then zip down to do the same to another one.

Don't get too confident though, as enemies with guns can still hurt you while you're airborne. Pay attention to your surroundings and get ready to dodge with the circle button when your Spider-sense starts tingling. The airborne enemy will actually stay in the air for a short time even if you stop attacking, so don't worry about missing your opportunity to finish the job after dodging the shot. Another option is using the Swing Kick ability to get some space between you and the shooter while at the same time taking your target with you, and don't forget that webs can keep people tangled too.


Go gadgets!

Peter Parker will accumulate a whole bunch of gadgets over the course of the game, so make sure to test them all out. Time slows down when using the gadget wheel, so you have time to make the choice, whether that's the basic Web Shooter you start with, or stronger stuff like the Impact Web that will instantly web most targets to nearby objects. Different gadgets suit different situations, and while most of them are good for immobilising bad guys, you'll also get some that work best in certain situations, like with groups or on rooftops. We won't spoil all the gadgets, but be sure to experiment for the best option.

The environment isn't just a pretty face

Manhattan is a sight to behold, but it's more than just a fun world to explore, as you'll often see markers indicating that you can interact with something in the city. Manhole covers, scaffolding, post boxes, weapons, grenades, and even enemies can be thrown around using R1 and L1, so take advantage of this to stun enemies, get some breathing room by pushing them away, or just throw motorcycles at them for massive damage. It's even useful as a defence mechanism, as grabbing grenades will for some reason halt their timer, giving you the time throw them away.

Suit up

Insomniac just released an update that has re-balanced some of the different mods and powers for your various suits, and so we've got some of our highlights to share with you. The Threat Sensors, Kinetic Power Cells, and First Aid mods are particularly useful, for example. Threat Sensors will slow time after doing a perfect dodge, giving you some extra seconds to take out or immobilise the biggest threats. Kinetic Power Cells, on the other hand, increases the rate Focus generates, which allows you to do devastating finishers more often or heal up. The latter can be even more helpful with the First Aid mod that improves your healing capabilities.

Dying isn't exactly what you'd call punishing in Spider-Man, which makes powering through scenarios a viable option. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Combat Analyser might be for you, as going with that option will give you access to other abilities faster by increasing the number of experience points you earn for defeating enemies. Leveling up will also give you access to new suits and their special powers once in a while, making the Combat Analyser even more enticing. The Web Blossom power is one of the first powers you get, but you shouldn't underestimate it, because it basically freezes time before Spidey shoots a cluster of webs around him. Time it right, and you'll easily eliminate more than eight enemies at once by sticking them to objects.


So those were our top tips for getting the most out of your fights in Insomniac's Spider-Man, but did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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