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Gamerz is a new show aiming to create a CS:GO team

12 young players will compete for a professional contract.

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A new show by the name of Gamerz has been announced, which aims to create the "next international CS:GO team." In the show, 12 young players will compete for a professional contract while training and living together in a gaming house, being coached by Oskar 'ins' Holm and Abdisamad 'SpawN' Mohamed.

This process will take place over three weeks and will see the players divided into two teams as they battle it out in the gaming house near Stockholm, Sweden. 26 cameras will be there to capture the action, and the hope is that the show will give "its' viewers a unique opportunity to not just enjoy the show, but to challenge and possibly replace the contestants"

"The contestants will not only compete against each other. Those who do not perform can be challenged by talented viewers who then, if the viewer wins, can take the team members' place," the press release elaborates. "It's taking the word interactivity to a totally new level. In the end, only the most skilled five people will remain and will be awarded the opportunity to start their new life as professional CS:GO players through a pro contract with 'Gamerz'."

"This is the most ambitious attempt ever made to create a new, international CS:GO team from scratch. At the same time, the show is fulfilling what most young people playing CS:GO consider a unreachable dream, which feels great. This kind of possibility was unthinkable when I first started my career. So, I really hope the players will step up to the challenge, because I am going to make their next few weeks the toughest they have ever experienced," said SpawN.

"Gamerz offers the best from two worlds: TV's ability to convey emotion and to entertain meets the gaming cultures high standards when it comes to culture and interactivity. It has been both fun and challenging to combine both the huge task of creating a pro team from scratch, with our ambition to entertain our demanding viewers," adds Robert Jönsson, Executive Producer.

You can watch Gamerz starting from 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST on May 1 via Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Viafree, Ginx.tv, or Znipe, where cameras will be active 24/7. Are you interested in this idea?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Gamerz

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