Gamescom 2015 records 345,000 visitors

Up by 10k from last year. Next year's show to run from August 17th.

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Every year it feels like Gamescom is filled to capacity come the days it opens its doors to the public, yet somehow the minds behind the German convention manage to squeeze more bodies through the doors every year.

Perhaps due to "expanded floor space and more efficient visitor flow" (or just a great lineup of games) Gamescom hosted 345,000 people in 2015 (10k up for 2014), 33,200 of which were trade visitors. 96 countries were represented (up by 8) and exhibitors totalled 806 (up by 103).

The headline though for us is that next year's show takes place on August 17 -21, a fortnight later than this year's event. Given the short time between E3 and Gamescom this year caused studios, publishers (and press) multiple headaches and forced some to simply repeat presentations, some breathing room will be beneficial to all.

Gamescom 2015 records 345,000 visitors

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