Gamescom to host an indie game MMO this year

It'll be a way to experience the physical nature of the trade show, but in the comfort of your own home.

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Earlier this year at E3 2021, the ESA created a digital portal that was aimed to be the way for industry members and the community to experience the event without needing to attend in-person due to it being entirely digital. However, the system wasn't the best.

Now, it looks like Gamescom has taken this as a learning experience, as the German-based trade fair will be hosting an indie game MMO where fans can experience over 120 games without needing to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Called the Summercamp of Doom, the event will be a browser-based MMO that will welcome virtual visitors to wander around, play some games, chat with developers, and get a general Gamescom experience, despite the event being digital this year.

We're also told that the whole experience will feature a centralised storyline, quests, and even a levelling system, giving it the potential to be quite an formidable MMO considering it's designed to highlight other videogames and Gamescom's Indie Arena booth as a whole.

Check out a brief look at the Summercamp of Doom at its website here.

As for when Gamescom 2021 is set for, the event is set to start on August 25 and end on August 29.

Gamescom to host an indie game MMO this year

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