Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gaming school to sue French CS:GO streamer for $250,000

Education Gaming School is looking for reparations after a streamer allegedly negatively criticised its namesake.

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French Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Sebastien "KRL" Perez has revealed that he is being sued by a local gaming and esports school for $250,000. The development comes after Education Gaming School (EGS) claimed that a failure in success back 2018, when KRL worked with the school was due to the streamer, and have now pressed legally with a defamation case with $250,000 in damages.

The statement released by EGS in French, and reported by AFKGaming states; "Following his (KRL) repeated defamatory actions during the last few months, we could not tolerate and endorse any more. Today, we prefer to let the tribunal defend our intent ions, as well as approve that our judgement is well-founded."

According to KRL, the defamatory content in question is from two years ago, when he may have mentioned some negative aspects that would be considered hurtful to the school's name.

Considering the case is currently in progress and the fact that EGS has stated they will not be communicating any further until a conclusion has been found, we can only wait to see how the case will develop as time moves along.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Thanks, AFKGaming.

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