Civilization VI

Gathering Storm adds Kupe and his seafarers to Civilization VI

They even start on the sea.

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Gathering Storm is expanding the world of Civilization VI yet again on February 14 - the date it lands on PC - and 2K and Firaxis has revealed that this will feature the Māori civilisation, led by the legendary navigator Kupe who, according to the stories, discovered New Zealand and settled it.

Kupe has a leader ability called "Kupe's Voyage," and the Māori civilization starts the game at sea, instead of on a patch of land, receiving Science and Culture each turn before they even settle their first city so as to even out the odds a little.

When they do eventually settle they get a free Builder, additional people in the capital, and the palace gets extra rooms too. For more on these features though, be sure to check out the trailer below.

Will this be your civ of choice?

Civilization VI

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