Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox talks Wii U Aliens

Goal: " all plaforms to be the same"

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Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox has emphasised that the Wii U version of the title is to be as "fully-featured" as other versions.

Speaking to NowGamer (picked up by VG247) game producer Brian Burleson stated that "the goal is always to make it... for all the platforms to be the same.

"It really sucks to have a game be nerfed on one platform, or missing a feature on one platform. So the goal is always to make we're fully-featured, and that everything is the same experience."

There was some question over the origin of the trailers shown at Nintendo's E3 Conference earlier this month, such as Aliens and Batman: Arkham City.

But Burleon assures that even though the developer only got the hardware a few months ago, the game has been ported over, thanks in part to Unreal.

"The software, it's pretty easy to work on, so that makes things a lot easier. When you already have something working, especially on the Unreal Engine, it's a pretty basic, straightforward port at that point. Unreal makes it easier to do that, for sure."

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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