Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics development began with a board game prototype

In a recent interview, developer Splash Damage talked about how Gears Tactics was born from a board game prototype.

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Gears Tactics, the Splash Damage-developed strategy title in the Gears of War universe that's set to release for PC and Xbox One next week, was apparently made a reality thanks to a lengthy tabletop game development session at the studio. This was explained by associate creative director Steve Venezia in an interview with Polygon just recently.

While the comparison of tactical video games and board games has been made plenty of times before, the two are seldom linked together in such a way as the development of Gears Tactics has shown. Back in 2017, Venezia had printed out a prototype board game that would be built upon over time with the help of the Splash Damage team as well as The Coalition's Tyler Bielman. This very prototype was then used to explore different paths in development as different scenarios would play out by various members of the team, that the team could then translate into Gears Tactics.

So there you have it, the dawn of Gears Tactics was a tabletop campaign. Read the interview in its entirety here.

Gears Tactics

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