Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One gets a new roguelike trailer

See how the mechanics work as you try to build your spaceship to survive, and take on alien threats at the same time.

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Team17 and Radiation Blue have revealed a brand new trailer for Genesis Alpha One today, showing off the roguelike gameplay we can expect. "Death is not the end," as the trailer tells us, as various captains will take over your ship if you bite the dust at the hands of aliens.

The game itself mixes ship-building with first-person action as you work to rebuild and protect your spaceship from hostiles, but what's more is that you can clone new crew members and experiment with DNA to create new life. You need to find a new home, but it won't be easy when trouble comes your way.

Genesis Alpha One is launching on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One for £24.99 on January 29, but if you pre-purchase now you get the UTS 15 shotgun, FBL Firebomb Launcher, AsVal automatic rifle, and Kugelblitz energy weapon.

How will you survive in space?

Genesis Alpha One

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