Genesis Alpha One

Genesis Alpha One's launch trailer has dropped

Get a taste of what's required for survival in this roguelike pioneering adventure where nobody can hear you scream.

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Radiation Blue and Team17's Genesis Alpha One has just been released, and to get us ready for the roguelike space adventure we have a brand new launch trailer which shows you how you'll be building your ship and preparing your crew for survival.

If you need reminding, Genesis Alpha One puts you in the shoes of a pioneer bolding going where no man has gone before, requiring you to build and manage a spaceship with all its various necessities before defending it against aliens. Death is not the end though, as you can always retry with another member of the crew.

In the new trailer we also get to see the FPS elements of the experience as well, as you venture out to collect resources before delivering the pain to some invading aliens looking for home aboard your ship.

You can purchase the game on PC (via the Epic Store), PS4, and Xbox One for £24.99 ($29.99/€29.99), and the trailer is available down below for you to watch, as well as the roguelike trailer too.

Are you planning on trying your hand at survival?

Genesis Alpha One

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