Grand Theft Auto V

Get a free car in GTA Online this week

There's also a whole bunch of multipliers to look out for.

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Rockstar has released the latest weekly update for Grand Theft Auto Online, and for this week, amid another batch of great multiplier bonuses on activities, players can look to grab a free car from San Andreas Super Autos (between April 8 and April 14). The car in question is the classic rally looking vehicle, Lampadati Tropos Rallye, and it's available to nab for any players, so don't miss out on this opportunity to do so.

There are also several multiplier bonuses that are available over the course of the next week. Hunting Pack and Freemode Challenges will offer 3x GTA$ and RP, whereas Transform Races will be seeing 2x rewards.

Players can also get a free Jock Cranley stuntman suit cosmetic, and can be eligible to grab the Blista Kanjo car as the top prize in the The Lucky Wheel spin.

In regard to discounts, several vehicles such as the MTL Dune, Lampadati Casco, and the HVY Insurgent are 40% off, as are high end apartment properties. All Mk II weapon upgrades are 50% off, and the Grotti Cheetah Classic and the Vapid Winky cars are 30% off.

Grand Theft Auto V

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