The Crew 2

Get in the passenger seat for our Crew 2 livestream

We're taking to the streets, the sky, and the sea.

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The Crew 2 expands on what the first game did in a number of ways, including more ways to traverse the world, something that doesn't always pay off, as you can read in our review right here, but one thing it does do well is present us with a fun version of the USA to explore and discover at our leisure.

That's exactly what Dóri is doing on our livestream today, so if you want to see us powerslide round urban streets; do wicked jumps in the countryside; barrel roll in a plane; or plain sail our way to victory on the water, you'll have to join us for the ride on our GR Live page at 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) for a couple of hours.

The Crew 2

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