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Get Packed

Get Packed has officially released on Stadia

Moonshine Studios' wacky moving simulator Get Packed had a surprise launch during the Stadia Connect stream yesterday.

Brought to you by Moonshine Studios, Get Packed is set to blow your mind and/or your entire house up as the calamitous moving company Last Ditch Removals tries to do its job. The inhabitants of Ditchlington need to be moved - or at least removed - and it's up to you and three potential friends to help them out as best you can. This is no easy task, however, because your limbs seem soft as the arms of a Betty Spaghetti doll (a mysterious and, within the company, collectively contracted bone disease, no doubt) and dangers lurk in the homes and business locales of Ditchlington.

Get Packed brings a manic contract-based story campaign that can be enjoyed by up to four players and as expected when it comes to business practices, manic moving practices included, it's all about the money. As you move your client's doo-dads, trinkets and gadgets into your truck, the money starts rolling in as the moving gods intended, but stay vigilant - outside (or inside) sources could disrupt your workflow and reduce your profits. Is that a ghost smashing up your potential money-making movable stuff? That's your average workday as part of the Last Ditch Removals team. Live with it or work around it in this physics-based game of absolute co-operative mayhem.

Get Packed relocated from its development stage to Google Stadia yesterday and brings its story mode, Destructive Mode (for those wanting to destroy rather than relocate) and competitive mode (for those looking to sabotage for their friends) with it. While the job is doable solo, you may want to call your mom, your childhood best friend or your intelligent, game-playing pet parrot over to help, because it's better to Get Packed collectively as a team.

Get Packed is available now on Google Stadia.

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