Sea of Thieves

Get the free Prosperous Captain's Sails in Sea of Thieves

A Gold and Glory weekend is also taking place starting tomorrow.

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Rare revealed yesterday that Sea of Thieves has continued to grow a lot recently and has now hit more than 20 million players. The game is also turning three years old tomorrow (March 20), and all this is a cause for celebration.

Therefore, if you log into Sea of Thieves before 11:00 on March 25, you will get the Prosperous Captain's Sails for free. And if you have Xbox Game Pass, you are also getting the Jump for Joy emote if you log into the game before the end of March 21.

Finally, there is also a Gold and Glory Weekend starting now that last until 01:00 on March 23. This means you will get both double the gold and Trading Company reputation, and this also applies to extra Seasonal Renown!

Read more about what is happening with Sea of Thieves at Xbox Wire, it has plenty of activities planned for the near future.

Sea of Thieves

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