Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Gfinity adds big titles like CS:GO to Challenger Series

The Elite Series tournament is also getting these games.

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UK esports promoter Gfinity has announced that Rocket League will be joining CS:GO and Street Fighter V in its Challenger Series and Elite Series, competitions that allow amateur players the chance to shine competitively.

Registration for the Challenger Series is now open for all skill levels, and those who do well here can qualify for the Elite Draft, giving them the chance to earn a spot in the Elite Series alongside eight professional gaming teams. This Challenger Series opened yesterday, and runs for 10 weeks, taking place in London's Gfinity Arena.

"Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity plc, says: "Gfinity has always been about the gamers and the signing of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Street Fighter V and Rocket League will guarantee the very best action and entertainment for those playing and watching the Elite Series. There is tremendous, world-class competitive gaming talent in the UK, and the Gfinity Elite Series is going to provide the platform for this talent to showcase their skills to the world. We want more gamers playing harder and better at the top level to showcase new home-grown talent to existing pro teams and ultimately pave the way for more UK pro teams being formed that can go on and compete at global events. The Gfinity Elite Series brings world-class-level competition to the UK and is set to be the pinnacle esports event in the UK."

Are these three titles a good choice for Gfinity?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Gfinity

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