Gfinity's Season 3 finals weekend wraps up

Fnatic, Nordavind, and Vitality all experienced success.

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This past weekend saw Season 3 of the Gfinity Elite Series wrap up at Gfinity's Arena in London, hosting all three finals for FIFA 18, Rocket League, and Street Fighter V, with Fnatic lifting the crown in FIFA after facing Unilad in the grand final.

The semi finals occurred on the same day too, as Team EnVy fell to Fnatic while Method had their own defeat against Unilad. In the grand final though, Unilad's Tassal 'Tass' Rushan surprised Fnatic with his skills, although Fnatic fought back to claim victory for themselves.

In terms of Rocket League, EnVy also experienced some heartbreak here, as despite a very close back-and-forth in the final, their opponents Vitality showed their strength with a crucial goal in overtime, clinching the series 4-1.

Street Fighter V, however, was won by Nordavind, as they faced Fnatic in another final to determine who would be champions, with Arman 'Phenom' Hanjani dispatching Chris 'Akainu' Onema. and Elias 'Saltykid' Ekberg also delivering a defeat to Shakil 'Shakz' Ghazi.

Tom Halls, Head of Strategic Development & Franchises at Gfinity, said: "This season has undoubtedly been bigger and better than ever before. Each of the three winning teams have fought hard and trained tirelessly to become worthy winners in their division for this season. We've seen the highest standard of game play ever before and have been delighted to welcome new teams from across Europe to compete in in the Elite Series. We can't wait to see new and returning talent again in season 4".

Did any of these results surprise you?

Photo: Gfinity

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