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Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo has been a lengthy production for Mikami

Following the departure of the project's creative- and art director Ikumi Nakamura, the Tango Gameworks team has been hard at work.

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Horror game icon Shinji Mikami is one of few industry- and genre veterans whose name rings a bell no matter if you're a fan of the genre or not. Best known for his work on the phenomenal Resident Evil (stepping away after the release of Resident Evil 4) and then moving on to work on The Evil Within and its sequel with his Tango Gameworks.

Since the release of The Evil Within 2, however, we haven't received much information regarding current and future projects other than the fact that Tango Gameworks has been working on Ghostwire Tokyo, which was shown at E3 last year and remembered by all due to its creative- and art director Ikumi Nakamura's enthusiastic speech which accompanied the trailer reveal.

In an interview with IGN, Shinji Mikami talked briefly about the project, stating that the idea for the game were those of Ikumi Nakamura (who left the studio in late 2019). Despite the departure, the project has been moving along, with the team having expanded along the way; "The initial team started with about five people and we worked on it for six months. We then expanded to 10 people and we worked on it for a few years before we went into full production".

According to Mikami, the time spent on the project isn't commonplace; "This is probably the longest I've taken on any game I've made in the past".

Read the full interview here.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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