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God of War

God of War loses "Only on PlayStation" label

Previously when the PlayStation 'Only on PlayStation' label was removed off the list, previously exclusive games was announced for PC.

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God of War was one of the best-received games of this console generation, despite being an exclusive for PlayStation 4. However, it seems that this exclusivity may soon end, at least according to something that has been spotted online by some eagle-eyed souls on the web.

According to a report by Dualshockers, the US God of War official PlayStation page shows that the game has lost the label stating it's "Only on PlayStation", suggesting that Kratos' adventures could soon come to other platforms.

Following the announcement of Horizon: Zero Dawn coming on PC this summer, it was automatic to think that maybe Santa Monica Studio's actioner could land on PC, also because the game director Cory Barlog has never hidden his hope of seeing God of War on other platforms, such as the PC.

At the moment there is no official confirmation, so take this information with a pinch of salt, but seeing God of War land on PC, just like Horizon: Zero Dawn, would be a really welcome surprise for PC players who have not been able to enjoy this title on Sony's console.

Would you like to see God of War on PC?

God of War

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