God of War

God of War's Mimir created as an animatronic

Bar-El Studio has created a lifelike version of the character, bringing him to life in stunning detail.

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Sony Santa Monica was responsible for the critically acclaimed PS4-exclusive God of War in 2018, and now they've shared a video from an Instagram account called Bar-El Studio in which they show how they created an animatronic of the character Mimir.

The studio called it "one of the single greatest tribute creations for God of War we've ever seen", and it's easy to see why. As you can see in the video attached to the tweet, it's a very lifelike model, even down to the subtle movements, and the eyes are particularly impressive too.

We won't spoil who Mimir is or why he's important, but we will direct you to our review if you have yet to play the game, since that explains why we liked it so much back in 2018.

Who else would make for a good animatronic?

God of War

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