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Godfall has been age rated by PEGI for PlayStation 4

It was previously believed that the game was tailored just for PS5.

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Godfall was announced as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive game (besides the obvious PC version), with the launch trailer in November explaining it was a timed exclusive until May 12. While some might have guessed this could possibly mean that it would be released for Stadia and Xbox at some point - it seems like the first console format besides PlayStation 5 will be... PlayStation 4.

PEGI has now age rated a PlayStation 4 version, which is yet to be revealed, and also somewhat surprising considering that the developers said in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (via Resetera) that there would be no PlayStation 4 version or cross-gen as it was tailored to run on PlayStation 5. If Godfall is indeed coming for more formats, we assume we will have more to report on this story fairly soon, as it is only two weeks until the time exclusive deadline runs out.


Thanks TwistedVoxel

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