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Godfall is coming to PS4 in August

And it's bringing a new expansion called Fire & Darkness.

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Despite launching as a PS5 console exclusive, Godfall will be coming to PlayStation 4 consoles later this summer. The game will be arriving on the last-gen platform alongside a new update and a new expansion, which will be called Lightbringer and Fire & Darkness, respectively.

The Lightbringer update, which will be free, will bring a new endgame mode to dive into, as well as the matchmaking beta to make multiplayer even more accessible, and it will also be adding a variety of loot and Valorplate skins to unlock.

As for the Fire & Darkness expansion, that will take us to the Fire Realm to save it from new enemies that threaten its existence. To play this expansion, you will need the base Godfall game, but it will be included in the Deluxe and Ascended Editions of the title.

The new expansion, update, and PS4 launch are all set for August 10, so if you're a Godfall fan, make sure to mark that date down, as a lot is happening in this gorgeous looking slasher. Take a look at the new trailer that announced all of this below.


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