Gone Home

Gone Home finally arrives on PS4, Xbox One in January

It's been a long road for The Fullbright Company's adventure.

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Gone Home the indie game developed by The Fullbright Company is finally coming to new-gen consoles. Fullbright gave the announcement on Monday along with a release date of January 12th 2015 on both PS4 and Xbox One.

The console version of the game will use the Unity 5 engine, whereas the the PC version used Unity 4. The console version will also feature developer commentary.

The game's console version has suffered a shaky development cycle and it nearly got cancelled. Things got worse when it its publisher Majesco independent label Midnight City was in financial difficulty. Things seem to have been sorted out now, and Midnight City are still attached to the project.

Gone Home is a heavy narrative game, which have become very popular these days. There is no price for the game as of yet, it is on the respective stores but is not available to pre-order as of yet.

Gone Home

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