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Google has now sued Epic for breaching the Play Store developer agreement

The lawsuit comes after Epic implemented a way to purchase in-game items without needing to also account for Google's commission on in-app purchases.

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Epic Games is now facing a lawsuit from Google, alleging that the company breached the Play Store developer agreement when it implemented an update to Fortnite a while ago allowing users to purchase in-game items while also being able to bypass the commission that Google takes from in-app sales.

Reported on by ZDNet, the lawsuit states that unlike Apple's App Store, Android users don't have to use the Google Play Store, and that "Epic has alternatively been unjustly enriched at Google's expense" because of this.

As part of the lawsuit, it was also mentioned that Google does not have an issue with Epic releasing a version of Fortnite on Android devices that use a non-Google Play purchasing system, provided it is done so outside of the confines of the Play Store.

Google stated in the lawsuit; "Consumers and developers don't have to use Google Play, they choose to use it when given a choice among Android app stores and distribution channels. Google supports that choice through Android itself, Google Play's policies, and Google's agreements with developers and device manufacturers."

With this in mind, Google is looking for reparations totalling the amount it lost from users bypassing the Play Store commission.

This lawsuit also stands separately to the one that Epic is involved in with Apple, which recently came to a new ruling that stated Apple does not hold a monopoly on the App Store, and that it had rights to remove Fortnite when Epic added its method to bypass the commission as well.


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