Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon

Greyfall is a 'Diablo-like' action-RPG with 'dungeon creation'

We interview Mikel Aretxabala to learn all about the dungeon crawler.

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Mikel Aretxabala was at Fun & Serious Game Festival in Bilbao to show off Therion Games' U-Tad project Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon, a game that ended up winning the best university project Titanium Award, and the game is now in the PlayStation Talents finals, with the chance of being published by Sony for PS4.

In the interview below the programmer describes the key aspect of the game, which is the ability to build and customise your dungeon, as "you have a grid where you can put pieces, and each piece represents a room of the dungeon, and by combining them you can join the entrance and the exit to play the dungeon that you want." However, he adds that "what you will find inside, you have to get into the dungeon to discover," and in terms of difficulty "the more pieces you put in the map, the higher challenge you're going to face, because for each piece you have to beat a bigger, different enemy."

The content is somewhat procedural (as enemy spawns and other elements change) but not pure roguelike. Likewise, there are no specific classes for characters, but the heroes are customisable in that you can create your own classes, again by placing pieces in another puzzle-like grid.

Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon is in pre-alpha stage and the team wants it to become a full game by early 2019. Have a look at our full interview down below for more details. Do you like the concept?

Greyfall: The Endless Dungeon

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