Grid "isn't a game about road cars, this is a game about motorsport"

Grid "isn't a game about road cars, this is a game about motorsport"

We talked with Codemasters about the racing title in Madrid, hearing more about how they've designed the game.

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Yesterday we shared a news on Fernando Alonso talking about Codemasters' Grid mixing sim racing and arcade fun, and at the recent Madrid event for the racing game we also talked with senior designer Mike Moreton about how exactly they've achieved this balance.

"We created a really solid handling model to start with, so one that we were happy with from sim racing experience, one that we still felt was very challenging, and then we've created a series of assists that we've layered on top of that," he explained.

"So as the player races, those assists can be tuned, so they can be turned up or down or even off, and that's how we've created the more accessible layer."

"If you are more of a casual player, you can turn all the assists up to high. You'll still find it challenging, but you'll be able to race, and if you're a sim player, you can turn all the assists off and you'll still find it as challenging as you'd expect."

He also talked about the Career mode as well, which should have plenty for fans to see:

"The main thing we like about our Career is all our cars are race cars. This is a motorsport game - this isn't a game about road cars, this is a game about motorsport. So we have our players progressing through Career strands [...] and we've had a smattering of all of motosports that we all really, really enjoy, and we've tried to put them in there in a coherent way."

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