Gris gets Undone update to add unused music and designs

300,000 people have tried the colourful adventure so far, and there's a 15% discount for those who have yet to do so.

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Nomada Studios and Devolver Digital impressed the gaming community with their indie title Gris that released at the end of last year, delivering a beautiful adventure packed with colour and style, as you can read in our review.

If you've been wanting more from the game, there's good news, as Gris' Twitter account has revealed a free update called Gris Undone that includes some unused music and designs that you can see from the menu. We also find out that 300,000 people have enjoyed the game thus far, and that the game has a 15% discount for everyone for a limited time.

For those who want to hear from the creators of Gris, you should check out our conversation with Nomada Studio about what Gris means, where we get the insider info.

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"Nomada Studio should be proud of what it has created; this is an experience that will stay with you long after the controller is put down."

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