WWE All Stars

GRTV: WWE All Stars Tornado

Rey Mysterio and Ultimate Warrior

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We set up what turned out to be an unforgettable match of Tornado Tag Team featuring Ultimate Warrior, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Pulk "The Professor" Zas in WWE All Stars. Enjoy!

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WWE All StarsScore

WWE All Stars

REVIEW. Written by Gillen McAllister

"Accessible, enjoyable and different enough from the brawlers out there that it's worth finding space on your gaming shelf. For want of a better comparison, its NBA Jam with wrestling."

WWE All Stars

WWE All Stars

PREVIEW. Written by Gillen McAllister

"All Stars surgically extracts the swollen man-glands that have inhibited newcomers from wrestling in the past...it's NBA Jam with spandex and a heavier emphasis on the touchy-feely."

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