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GTA Online - Heists Guide

A quick-fire list of tips to remember going into GTAV's latest update this evening.

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Prepping for GTA Online's Heists this evening? So are we. (Called in sick so you could start early? You lucky sod. we couldn't.)

With GTAV's biggest update thus far released today and rolling in multi-part cooperative jobs to the online side of Los Santos, we figure you need a quick-fire dos and don'ts to get you started on your money grab career. After clocking through one Heist with last week's impressions, we thought it would be a good idea to create a guide that combines our experiences with the game and Rockstar's own tips.

How it works

Heists have to be done with four player teams, with the crew and job initiated by a Heist Leader (this can be you, as long as you meet certain requirements).

Before the Heist itself, players will have to perform several preparation missions - similar to what happens in GTA V. You don't need to them all in one go. Between missions you will return to the free roam mode, to play about until you're ready to jump back in to the next mission.

Grand Theft Auto V

A Leader's duties and privileges

Tp play Heist Leader, your GTA Online character needs to be level 12 or higher, and own a high-end apartment (partly because one room is dedicated to the Heist breakdown). You'll choose your team for the prep missions and the heist.

One of the responsibilities of Leader is to fund the whole operation with your own money. Up front costs are different for each Heist, but the flip-side is you decide the profit percentage each team member earns at the end of the heist.

You're not forced to keep the same team throughout the entire Heist run. If you can, great, but if someone's letting the side down, proving more trouble than they're worth, you can boot them and get a better replacement for the next mission.

Communication is vital

Assaults and preparation missions are difficult enough without the worry of an uncoordinated group. You know that headset you can use with your controller? Better plug in and get talking. While you could conquer missions eventually through shear stubbornness (and luck), you'll be quicker, and have a much better time, with a coordinated team. There are times that without one, you'll easily fail a mission.

Make sure the four group members have a headset. There's missions in which you're split into pairs and need to coordinate meeting later, or missions in which stealth is emphasised, requiring simultaneous takedowns - being able to cue shots together helps.

Mission assignments

Enjoy sniping as opposed to full full-assault? Better pilot than sharpshooter? There'll be a time and place for you to shine. In missions the team will be required to perform multiple actions, and you're better off letting the Maverick of the group jump into the attack jet. Member stocked up on rockets? Get them prepped to take out armoured convoys or enemy choppers while you mop up the on-foot resistance.

Find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of each member is delegate tasks accordingly. It makes no sense to have the best pilot infiltrate a building, or to have the best shooter driving.

Every mission is inevitably going to kick off as things go wrong. Prep for any potential threat by deciding who's covering what - have one, even two crew stocked up on rockets to contend with armoured convoys or helicopters, and ensure your best marksman makes for high ground to wipe up any well-hidden attackers - or even rival snipers.

The right gear for the job.

There are some exceptions, but for most of the missions players will have to provide their own equipment, including vehicles and weapons. Pay attention to the plans for the missions and the group configuration - you don't want to appear with a motorcycle when all four members need to go in a single vehicle. Stealth operation? USE SILENCERS. Expecting a big chase? Strengthen the vehicle's armour - and so on. Good planning and preparation is half way to success.

In some missions you will have to be separate and then regroup. Carry flares or fireworks, so you can quickly mark your position for the rest of the group. A rocket launcher is also very handy in most situations.

Grand Theft Auto V

How to ensure maximum profit in each Heist

Besides the fun of actually doing them, the great practical goal for the heists is to earn as much profit as possible - and that profit will vary depending on several factors. One way to raise the money is to perform the Elite Challenges, but be advised - these will be difficult. Another way to earn more is by meeting a number of personal goals, which will be reflected in the total profit. You can check these goals in the Awards page under Stats.

Try, if possible, to arrange a cohesive and solid group. If you can, make an effort to always have the same group fulfilling the missions and heists. One major goal is the Criminal Mastermind Challenge, which rewards players with an extra ten million if they complete all robberies in order, without losing lives and with the same group of players. If you can fulfill the latter, the other two will be easier.

Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V

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