Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online is getting a chunky update on June 7

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony detailed within.

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A new update for GTA online has been announced, and it's called Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. The update is to be a major one, and is a follow-up to the Executives and Other Criminals update from late last year, which brought in Yachts and other new features into the online experience.

The update will give players the opportunity to expand the organisation that they have created with the aforementioned Executives and Other Criminals update, giving them the ability to become the CEO of their own Criminal Enterprise.

Players will be able to buy a high-rise office and special warehouse properties, allowing them to buy and sell a range of contraband across the city, fighting against the police and the rest of the San Andreas criminal underworld at the same time.

The update is slated for June 7, and it will bring with it new vehicles, gameplay and more.

Grand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto V

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