Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online offering double rewards on Mobile Operation Missions this week

3x rewards on Motor Wars continues.

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Rockstar has once again revealed what kinds of bonuses we can look to find in GTA Online this week. Until May 12, we can expect to see double bonuses on GTA$ and RP on Mobile Operations Missions, and anyone who manages to complete a Mobile Operations mission will automatically get $100,000 added to their GTA Online account by May 19.

Then to build on that, ballistic equipment and other gear that will make it easier to complete Mobile Operations missions will be able to be researched at your bunker three times the normal rate all week long. And, if you're wondering about how you will afford all of this new gear, bunker supplies and Mk II weapon upgrades are 50% off, and all of the upgrades, modifications, workshops, and weapons for the Mobile Operations Center are all 40% off until May 12.

Of course, there are also a few other vehicles that are 40% off, including the Karin Technical Custom and the Brute Stockade.

In terms of this week's free gear, you can get the Invade and Persuade tee by simply playing this week, and anyone who is over the rank of 100 can look to grab the pink and green camo for the HVY Nightshark.

But, that's not all, the Vapid Winky will be the podium reward on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel, and the triple rewards on Motor Wars activities are still continuing for the rest of this month.

Grand Theft Auto V

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