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GTFO's next content update lands next week

10 Chambers Collective's team-based horror FPS GTFO gets new Rundown 'The Vessel' next week.

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Swedish developer 10 Chambers Collective keeps updating its truly unique team-based horror shooter GTFO with new content via new so-called Rundowns. The next Rundown to hit the game is 'The Vessel' and it brings a new environment, a new enemy and new story elements to the game next week on June 11.

The new environment is titled 'Lab' which instantly has us unsettled and alongside seven new expeditions and a variety of new weapons comes a "horrifying new enemy" and one quote from the press release is especially chilling; "While not disclosing anything visual about the new enemy, the sounds coming out of it are apparently recorded by one of the team member's younger family members (!)". Oh no, should we all get ready to hear children crying in the dark? Only time will tell and we're shaking in our boots at the time of writing.

Players interested in the game's story can look forward to getting a better understanding of what's going on in the game as well, as stated by 10 Chambers Collective's Simon Viklund; "In Rundown 003, The Vessel, you will be able to find more of these clues and start getting a better picture of what is really happening down in The Complex".

Are you ready for The Vessel on June 11?


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