Guangzhou Charge add Neko and Daemin as Assistant Coaches

Two former players will be moving to the Charge's management staff.

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The Guangzhou Charge has announced that Kim "Daemin" Dae-min and Park "Neko" Se-hyeon will be joining the team as Assistant Coaches. The Overwatch League team will be bringing two former players to the management staff, as they look to make another run for the Overwatch League championship.

Neko has previously played for both the Boston Uprising and the Toronto Defiant, before heading back to Contenders Korea for much of this year. During his time at Boston, he saw varied success, as the team did achieve some victories of note in 2018, unlike the past two years. The Defiant storyline was less impressive, as the team struggled to find success.

As for Daemin, he has only played in the Overwatch League for the 2018 Shanghai Dragons, who went 0-40. This opportunity back in the League, is Daemin's chance to show he still has potential, and that he is a valuable asset to organisations.

Do you think these additions will help the Guangzhou Charge succeed next year?

Guangzhou Charge

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