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Halo Infinite

Halo and 343 Industries were going to own E3 this year

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, E3 didn't happen this year but if it had, 343 Industries would have made quite an impact.

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Last Thursday would have marked the end of E3 2020 if this year would have been like any other year. This week, would have been the week when all video game sites and gamers on social media tried to resolve the eternal question: Who won E3 this year?

If 343 Industries is to be believed - they would have been the answer to that question. The Community Director Brian Jarrard felt a little nostalgic recently, and posted on Twitter:

"I know it's a trivial, meaningless thing given the state of this country and much more important issues... but in a parallel universe I'd be at e3 this week. I'm bummed. This was to be our big year to own the show. Missing all my industry friends and the annual shenanigans."

If 343 really would have owned E3 is something we'll never know, of course - but next month we will see all/more/some of what was planned for the press conference... and we're somehow actually looking even more forward to it now.

Halo Infinite

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