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Halo Infinite designer has no mention of Xbox One on LinkedIn

Could the upcoming Halo be for new-gen Xbox consoles only?

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Halo Infinite was always going to be released for Xbox One, and despite rumours of a cancellation of that version, Microsoft have persisted; Halo Infinite is coming for Xbox One as well. But is it really though?

It was recently confirmed that Halo Infinite was delayed until next fall, which means that Xbox Series S and X will be almost one year old by then. With Xbox One not really being the hottest console right now, we doubt it will be the hottest next fall either. We're not to sure that Microsoft thinks so either, as scrapping it is a way of moving all resources from the Xbox One version to Series S and X instead. Now GamingBolt has noticed something interesting on LinkedIn.

The profile of the Halo Infinite UI art lead Chad Mirshak only mentions the Xbox Series S/X version of Halo Infinite, even though this role clearly would be needed for all versions. This could of course be a simple mistake, but it is worth pointing out that Microsoft Flight Simulator might have ditched the Xbox One version as well, as it has only been confirmed for Xbox Series S and X.

A reasonable guess it that Microsoft has simply accepted that it will make the new generation games better, and that people with an Xbox One will have to play these games streamed with xCloud instead.

Halo Infinite

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