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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite leak suggests Shotty Snipers game mode will return in Season 2

A dataminer has unearthed information that suggests the mode is on its way.

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A new datamined leak has discovered that the fan favourite Halo game mode Shotty Snipers is set to make its debut in Halo Infinite in Season 2. The leak shows a line of code that directly mentions Shotty Snipers, which suggests that the multiplayer mode is on its way, but doesn't mention when the mode could be released.

As this is a leak, you should take the information with a bit of caution as 343 Industries could decide to change the launch plan for the mode on a whim. Likewise, due to the fact that Halo Infinite seasons tend to be quite long (at least the first season has been), the lack of a release date could mean that it is still quite a while away from coming to the live Halo Infinite client.

Still, with Season 2, known as Lone Wolves, set to arrive this May, hopefully we'll learn more about the plan for Shotty Snipers soon.

Halo Infinite

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