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Rayman Origins

Happy Birthday Rayman!

Ubisoft's iconic character turns 20.

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It was September 22, 1995, when Rayman - a funny little character created by a young developer called Michel Ancel - debuted for the first time in Japan on the very first PlayStation.

At that time Rayman was a very basic character, with a very particular character design without limbs (his hands and his body are in fact virtually linked together). But he had an innovative style, one which allowed Rayman to become one of the most famous and iconic of Ubisoft's characters.

Rayman only came to Europe in December of that year, but the official Spanish Facebook page is still starting to celebrate the anniversary right now.

Since the release of Rayman Legends (2013) we've been waiting for a new chapter in the main series. Ubisoft will try to satisfy our appetites with a mobile spin-off called Rayman Adventures, which is expected on iOS and Android later this year.

Rayman Origins

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