Hashtag United joins the Gfinity Elite Series lineup

They'll be starting in the competition in March.

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Esports entertainment company Gfinity has announced that esports organisation Hashtag United has joined their Elite Series competition for Season 3, meaning they'll face off against teams like Fnatic, Vitality, and Team EnVy for their share of the £250,000 prize pool.

The Elite Series is a weekly competition that has already had two seasons already, and Season 3 will start on March 9 at the Gfinity Esports Arena in London. Hashtag United already has a FIFA 18 team, but they'll be looking to expand into Rocket League and Street Fighter V for this competition, in which five weeks will be played to see who can get into the three-week long playoffs.

"The signing of Hashtag United is further evidence of the success of the Elite Series and its appeal to multiple communities from real-world football and gaming," said Neville Upton, CEO of Gfinity. "Hashtag United has a huge fanbase with incredible reach and the chance for amateur gamers to join their ranks and be part of their next venture is something that will excite all players who are competing in the Challenger Series."

"I'm absolutely delighted that Hashtag United will be part of the Gfinity Elite Series as it's where my own personal journey with esports began and, more importantly, where Hashtag United's esports team was born through The Spencer FC Game Academy where we signed our first player, Harry Hesketh," said Hashtag United founder Spencer Owen. "We now have the opportunity to branch out into other titles and I am looking forward to the Draft and to sign some new players to join the Hashtag family and represent us on FIFA 18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. I can't wait for this to start and for Hashtag United to be part of the Elite Series, hopefully picking up some trophies along the way!"

How well can Hashtag United do against all the other teams in the Elite Series?

Photo: Gfinity

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